Hi, I'm Jenna. It’s a dream come true to call myself an artist. I began my education in art, bounced around as many young people do, trying on lots of possibilities, seeing many places, enjoying the process of becoming, and eventually ending up with a degree in interior design. It was a great career where I furthered my love for color and creating spaces. In 2016, shortly after having my first daughter, I decided it was time to go back to my first love. Art. I quit my (then) dream job, and began dedicating nap times to discovering my style.

Years later, I still pinch myself that I spend my days with my favorite little people, and while they rest, I play with paint, creating all kinds of things that bring me joy. Then I pinch myself again that these creations connect with others out there and out of this desire to create, and share the beauty I see in the world, has come this bustling business of painting for YOU! I simply love it. Thank you for making it possible.

I pull inspiration from the simple details of life from the surprising mix of colors I see in a landscape, or out in the garden, or as we wander the city. I love watching the shape of a shadow playing with light and trying to capture the feelings from traveling somewhere new, or returning to somewhere I love.

I currently live in Salt Lake City with my husband and two daughters. If left to my own devices, we’d have a collection of cats and dogs and other animals. If I couldn’t be an artist, I’d probably be a ping pong champion. Or a taste tester at a cookie factory.